Shane Corrigan is a Real Estate Specialist,  servicing all of North Brisbane. His Passion for Real Estate started at an early age and as his knowledge and understanding of the industry grew, so did that passion. Shane loves to stay ahead of the market and wants to share the valuable lessons he has learned with everyone, FOR FREE. Therefore, Shane created a blog, where he writes about all things to do with real estate, for both buyers, sellers and agents alike.

Shane’s morals and ethics are what sets him apart, in what can sometimes be a ‘crazy’ industry, he strives to serve and care for his clients to the best of his ability. With honesty and integrity, Shane’s passion is to help guide people to make informed decisions when it comes to the Real Estate Market and hopefully help people put more money in their pocket.

“Nothing is greater than helping guide people HOME.” – Shane Corrigan

If you would like Shane to SELL your home or find you a new one, please give him a call!

Contact Shane on 0449 144 544 or send him an email –